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Beyond Reconciliation 2040 – Creating from the Future Now

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Imagine it’s 2040, and we have created Sustainable Wealth and Wellness within Indigenous
Nations, Communities, organizations and businesses in Canada and across Turtle Island.
Indigenous Nations have returned to a Sovereign state of understanding themselves in “relation to the many realms (Hakimi)” and have emerged as diplomats. This is to remind humanity of what’s possible when we live inside the prayers and dreams of our Ancestors to Peacefully Coexist on Mother Earth and safeguard all that is sacred on behalf of the future generations for all peoples’.

From the perspective of standing in the year 2040, and looking back to Now, we can see how
co-creating from the future vision of having moved Beyond Reconciliation by 2040, allows us to preview a whole new world of possibilities for Indigenous People and their place within
mainstream society as self-determining, innovative leaders of change. When we look from the
future back to the present, we can see how creating sustainable wealth and wellness both exist
as very real and tangible possibilities to be Co-created from the future Now. Uniting under the
Vision of Beyond Reconciliation 2040, is set to alter the trajectory of Indigenous Peoples’
realities and bring people together to remember the truth of themselves.

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