Rise Up Empowerment Program

The Rise Up Empowerment Program was designed to help people tune into the energy of that which wants to be born through them. Seeding the future field of vision by aligning the soul forces, the will forces and the forces of creative intelligence can unleash powerful energies to manifest change and transformation. BE prepared to level UP and drop down to broaden the depth and impact you will create in the world and within your circles’ of Influence. BE ready for what comes next!

Team Building

This program was created to assist Leaders, Change Makers and Innovators who are on the cutting edge of leading their organizations and communities through the transitions Being called forth from these “novel” times. Never before has there been a time where we have been so dutifully called to go within and dedicate ourselves to nurture the seeds of future Creations for the sake of global awakening. The process of letting go and surrendering to that deeper bow into service is of paramount importance for the weaving of a new collective story. Creating space for soulful reflections, radical self-care and engaging imaginative powers are of vital importance if WE are going to make the best decisions for the road ahead. Join us as we create sacred space for the emergence of wisdom, foresight and forbearance as we prepare to take bold and actionable steps in Co-Creating a New Earth Vision to serve the Oneness of Humanity.

Star Power Program

Coaching is conducted from an embodied position of personal leadership and mastery. If you are a person who longs to implement a new Vision of service through a business or simply desires to show up more consistently as the best version of yourself in the world then you have come to the right place. Together we can access your personal brand of Star Power and provide actionable steps in your evolutionary awakening. Examining current narratives that may run unconscious programs in your mind will help us track towards your destiny and free up the necessary energy required for the journey of transformation.

Energy Activation and Renewal

Joining together in community to recharge and replenish your energies and set those things in motion to help you consistently show up grounded in strength. Staying clear, calm and connected allows us to magnetically draw to us what we require in life. Conscious breath serves as a priming fuel to cleanse and clear the way for the next stages of your Visions & Dreams manifesting into reality.

Rebirthing is a powerful personal development technique that has been used by over 14 million people worldwide. The updated version is called Transcendental Rebirthing (TR). It is used to induce heightened states of awareness. This translates into an endorphin boost to access peak states. High performers across many fields refer to this state as flow. TR is also the fastest way to detoxify the body and eliminate unwanted stress. During rebirthing workshops deep inner cleansing occurs; allowing for integration, transformation and connection with your true potential by directly experiencing your life force. Imagine what you can accomplish with renewed clarity, passion and purpose!