"we are bound by the common thread of simply Being Human." - P. Gatensby

Orest Zwozdesky, Indigepreneur – Integration Coach, Workshop Leader, Writer, Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Orest is a Metis person who was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. His mother’s family comes from Green Lake, Saskatchewan, where he spent time during summer holidays and long weekends roaming through the lush forests for adventure and fishing on the nearby lakes with family members.

Orest felt called to work within the Indigenous community to help people level up their standards of what’s possible for their lives, their families, communities, nations and within the global community.  He has spent the last 23 years working closely within the Indigenous community throughout Western Canada. To date, he has touched the lives of hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous People through reconciliation talks, personal development workshops, coach training for
Indigenous organizations’ and 1:1 coaching with leaders, change makers and influencers.

Orest has committed himself to helping individuals, teams and organizations find creative ways to address challenges within their inter-personal communications and relationship dynamics at work, home and in the larger community. He is skilled in the Art & Science of the Visioning process and the accompanying collaboration required to implement the strategies necessary to birth a Vision into Being. Orest believes the circumstances we experience in our outer worlds are a direct reflection of the stories we hold within ourselves individually and collectively. By holding space for people to authentically align and shift their mindsets from a deficit focus to the identification and emphasis of what they truly want we can begin to allow our lives to unfold in transformative ways. He sees this work as an essential key for unlocking the wisdom of the Heart and Spirit of community.  Orest is committed to doing his part to make the world a better place for all of Humanity and Earth’s inhabitants.

Whether Orest is speaking at a conference, conducting a workshop or retreat, Coaching or consulting on a project you can bet he is looking for ways to more deeply connect with people to open up space to allow ideas, inspiration and new stories to emerge from that organic space of flow.

Orest is inspired by the Vision of Edmonton being recognized as the Indigenous business capital of Canada.  During these transformational times of Economic Reconciliation and Social Justice for Indigenous People we must endeavour to stay attuned and vigilant to the underlying values, needs and yields of our actions on behalf of the collective.