Keynote Speaking & Emceeing

From welfare dependency to owning his own business, from severe drug and alcohol abuse to empowerment, from disconnection to a higher love. Orest has committed himself to helping others find creative ways to address challenges in their lives, regardless of their current circumstances. Anyone who chooses can awaken to answer the call from within to reset their relationship with power and experience the freedom and flow that is accessible in every moment.

Orest delivers influential and thought provoking talks on passionate subjects in the field of human development. He is also a conference Emcee. Some key topics include wellness, spirituality, forgiveness, sobriety and how to show up powerfully in the world with presence, power and purpose. He brings back to our awareness messages on how stepping into the creative flow of life can serve to activate previously blocked energies that can be used to transform our lives, communities, relationships and pursuits.

Orest is primarily focused on the Indigenous community, urban and rural Indigenous organizations and Nations. Orest has a particular passion for working with Indigenous men. By helping them come into awareness of the intelligence of the body (somatic intelligence) and getting them in touch with what is ready to shift creates space for astonishing changes. Orest helps men breakthrough challenges and limiting beliefs to open up to their calling.

Now is the time to stand up and take our rightful place within Creation and utilize our Visions and Voices to carry forward our light and messages of peace for all of humanity.

Program Support | Keynote & Guest Speaker
Group Facilitator


Pathways to the Heart Summit, The OM Retreat, Remembering the Village – Sovereign Leadership Event, Lionsheart Wholeness Center, Poundmakers Lodge 35th Year Anniversary Event, Indigenous Men’s Retreat,
NorQuest College Indigenous Students Grad, NorQuest College – Welcoming Back Indigenous Student’s Event, NorQuest College – Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Center’s Event, NorQuest College – Indigenous and Restorative Justice in Law Enforcement, Gladue Talk

Alberta Law Society’s Quarterly Event, Whitefish Lake First Nation Staff Appreciation Event, Sun and Moon Visionaries Community & Stakeholder’s Gathering, Spiritminds Gathering, Your Holistic Earths’ Business Awards Welcoming, Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Welcoming, Shaw Conference Center Re-Imagining Welcoming, U of A Law Center’s – Gladue Program talk, Alberta Justice – Indigenous Initiatives’ – Cultural Awareness Gathering


U of A – Indigenous Strategic Plan Implementation Leaders Gathering – Blanket Exercise
U of A  Campus Saint-Jean – Blanket Exercise
Mankind Project – Alberta Region Annual Meeting – Blanket Exercise
Community Mens’ Circles


Aboriginal Youth & Trades Conference
NorQuest College Indigenous Students Graduation
McCarthy Group of Companies – Alberta Indigenous Social Work Conference Evening Gathering