Keynote Speaking & Emceeing

As a Metis person (Otipeyimsewak) Orest is strongly focused on building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, organizations and businesses who are committed to building safe, equitable, diverse and inclusive workplaces, neighbourhoods and Nations.  The original spirit and intent of Treaty was to peacefully co-exist as relatives on Mother Earth and share how we can steward the land together for future generations. He has spent the last 28 years working closely within the Indigenous community in the area of Human Development and is steadfastly being sought out as a facilitator, coach and keynote speaker in the emerging field of Reconciliation & Innovative Thought Leadership. To date his reconciliation talks and workshops have touched the lives of thousands of people throughout Western Canada.

Orest delivers influential and thought provoking talks in the area of Indigenous Reconciliation and Peacemaking. Some key topics include presentations related to Justice and Economic Reconciliation, the Blanket Exercise, Mindfulness, Personal Vision / Mission and Leadership. His aim is to walk in the world with Power, Presence & Purpose and to model to others how they can do the same. He brings back to our awareness messages on how stepping into the creative flow of life can activate fresh perspectives, mindsets and bring forth new awarenesses which can be used to transform our lives, communities, relationships and pursuits.  Additionally, Orest has Emceed a number of conferences in pre-Covid times.  Look for him this coming October 2023, as the Emcee for the Spark Careers – Indigenous Youth Conference in Edmonton.

Program Support | Keynote & Guest Speaker
Group Facilitator


Mammoet Western Canada, Pathways to the Heart Summit, The OM Retreat, Remembering the Village – Sovereign Leadership Event, Lionsheart Wholeness Center, Poundmakers Lodge 35th Year Anniversary Event, Indigenous Men’s Retreat,
NorQuest College Indigenous Students Grad, NorQuest College – Welcoming Back Indigenous Student’s Event, NorQuest College – Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Center’s Event, NorQuest College – Indigenous and Restorative Justice in Law Enforcement, Gladue Talk

Alberta Law Society’s Quarterly Event, Whitefish Lake First Nation Staff Appreciation Event, Sun and Moon Visionaries Community & Stakeholder’s Gathering, Spiritminds Gathering, Your Holistic Earths’ Business Awards Welcoming, Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Welcoming, Shaw Conference Center Re-Imagining Welcoming, U of A Law Center’s – Gladue Program talk, Alberta Justice – Indigenous Initiatives’ – Cultural Awareness Gathering


U of A – Indigenous Strategic Plan Implementation Leaders Gathering – Blanket Exercise
U of A  Campus Saint-Jean – Blanket Exercise
Mankind Project – Alberta Region Annual Meeting – Blanket Exercise
Community Mens’ Circles


Aboriginal Youth & Trades Conference
NorQuest College Indigenous Students Graduation
McCarthy Group of Companies – Alberta Indigenous Social Work Conference Evening Gathering